Bye Bye Mascara

While eyelash extension are new to some, the tres chic have long since known the power of the enhanced lash. A beautiful set of lashes mesmerize both the onlooker and the wearer. The change can be as subtle or as dramatic as you wish, but the results are sure to leave you feeling feminine and feel beautiful.

You want your lashes to look naturally beautiful, effortlessly chic and above all…undetectably faux!


At Be Fabulous, our clients ARE our advertising!  We have developed a systematic approach to assessing and creating a look customized to each individual.  Beyond the technical, which involves precise lash isolation and seemless attachment, there are several variables that make up the perfect lashline – apart from the basics of lash length and curl.  One’s eye shape, trajectory of the natural lashes, and eyelid shape are just a few components that influence the final result.

In addition to creating a beautiful looking set of eyelashes, we are equally concerned about your lash health.  We want you to enjoy your ashes for many years to come, so assessing your lash health during each visit is part of our routine.  The care of your lashes depends on both the stylist and the client.  For this reason, we follow 3 basic application rules:

  1. Ensure that extensions are only attached to one single natural lash.
  2. Do not to go over double the length of your own natural lash.
  3. Use extensions that are of similar lash thickness as your own natural lash.

To break even one of these rules can negatively affect your lashes.

To maintain the extensions, our clients must follow 3 basic rules as well:

  1. Clean lashes regularly with a water based cleanser.
  2. Use eye makeup sparingly and limit to lash compatible brands.
  3. Return within 4 weeks for a lash fill.

Beyond these rules, just be gentle with your extensions, as you would with a beautiful silk chemise!  The less you fuss with them, the better.


Do extensions ruin your lashes and cause them to fall out?

This is where the technical skills of your stylist come in to play.  When the natural lashes are properly isolated and an appropriate extension is applied only on the isolated lash, it will not cause your lashes to fall out.  However, like the hair on any other part of your body, lashes go through a growth cycle and will naturally shed after approximately 90 days.  If extensions are not applied with care, they can become stuck together causing pulling and pinching and can pull out eyelashes in clumps.

The best way to find a reputable technician is through recommendations.  A good technician will do a thorough consultation and have a portfolio of their work, not just images of stock photos on their website.

Most places do individual lashes. Is this what you do?

Yes, however individual extensions can still be applied without mastery or care despite the certification they’ve received.  In the hands of the unskilled, individual lashes can be incorrectly applied resulting in an obviously fake or less desirable results. The Be Fabulous approach delivers consistent lashes that will preserve the integrity of your lashes.

There are silk and mink lashes – What kind do you use? What are the lashes made of?

Many manufacturers call their products “mink” and “silk” but most are synthetic.

We carry authentic mink, silk, and our most commonly chosen polyesther fiber extensions (also known as ‘faux mink’).   We carry the widest selection of lash lengths, thicknesses, curl shapes and colours – far beyond the typical “beginners’ lash kit” available to professionals. This variety ensures you the best look for your eyes.

What kind of adhesive do you use?

The type of adhesive we use for lash extension application is called a cyanoacrylate.

Are there any side effects from the adhesive?

Yes. Some people can develop an allergic reaction to the adhesive. It is very rare for a client to have a reaction after the first application; it generally comes on slowly after repeated exposure. For those who are sensitive and susceptible to an allergic reaction, the morning after their treatment the lids of the eyes will be puffy- more swollen than a night of crying.  Some experience some itching.

This condition cannot be avoided by changing brands of adhesive. It will occur every time lashes are applied to an allergic person using the cyanoacrylate.  Some clients do well when a cortisone cream is applied to the lid prior to receiving extensions.  Further, an ophthalmologist familiar with extensions may provide a prescription cream that will prevent a reaction.

How long will my extensions last?

For most of our clients, they last at least 4 weeks. Some people can go as long as 6 weeks while some need to come in every 2-3 weeks. It all depends on how fast your lashes grow. In general, we recommend a fill every 3-4 weeks to add extensions to the new growth and keep the extensions looking fresh.

What should I do before I come in for my lashes?

Please remove all your makeup around your eyes before you come in.  If you have not had a chance to clean your eye area prior to your appointment, you will be directed to the bathroom where we have a range of cleansers and eye makeup removers.  Any residue from makeup or natural oils from your skin accumulated during the day will interfere with bonding of the adhesive.  Also, please avoid caffeinated beverages and energy drinks as they may cause your eyes to become jittery.

How long will my appointment take?

Your first appointment will take approximately 90 minutes, which includes a consultation and application of a full set.   Subsequent appointments – when booked within 2-4 weeks – will take 30-60 minutes for a fill. Some of our lash s are more experienced so they are quicker at applying the lashes.

How many lashes do you put on?

We try to apply at least 75 lashes on per eye. However, some clients have fewer than 75 natural lashes, and others request fewer lashes. Whatever you choose, we will make sure your lashes look believable.

Can I wear mascara with my extensions?

A lash compatible mascara can be worn on the tips of the lashes for a little extra drama…but most of our clients no longer feel the need for mascara once they get our lashes – and isn’t that the point?!

Can I wear contacts?

Yes!  No need to remove them prior to your appointment.  However, if you are a regular wearer of glasses, we recommend bringing them in so we can recommend a lash length that won’t brush against your lenses.

Will I be able to feel the extensions?

When properly applied, your lashes won’t “feel” any different but they will look different – amazingly long and luscious!

Can I get the extensions wet?

After 12 hours of your lash extension application you can swim and shower safely. Lash extensions are permanent or at least for as long as the normal life of each of your eyelashes. Your extensions will grow out and fall off with your natural lash cycle.

How do I remove extensions?

Do not attempt to remove eyelash extensions on your own – you may cause damage to your natural lashes.  We have solutions that safely dissolves the adhesive.   The process generally takes less than 15 minutes.

Does it hurt?

The process takes place in a comfortable and relaxed environment.  You will be laying down on a comfortable table with your eyes closed and, we’ve been told, listening to our awesome playlist of background music.  You are free to fall asleep, or engage in some lively conversation.  If anything feels uncomfortable at anytime, just speak up so we can remedy the situation!

Can lash extensions be placed on the bottom lashes?

Yes, they can be placed on the bottom lashes and are great for a special event!  However, not everyone is a candidate for lower lash extensions, so we recommend you contact us before booking this service.

What are volume lashes?

Volume or 3D lashes is the latest application technique where 2 to 4 super fine extensions are applied to one single natural eyelash.  Our Individual lash sets range from between 55-90 single lashes per eye (all which vary in thickness, length, and curl). With the Volume technique we can achieve natural yet weightless, fuller, yet soft and fluffy lash sets which consist of 150-300 lashes per eye.


CLASSIC STARTER SET (55 individual lashes per eye): $130

* To maintain your Classic set, we recommend a lash touch up every 2-3 weeks!

2 week classic touch up: $50

3 week classic touch up: $60

FABULOUS SET (75 individual lashes per eye): $155

*  To maintain your Fabulous set, we recommend a lash touch up every 3-4 weeks!

2 week fabulous touch up: $55*

3 week fabulous touch up: $65*

4 week fabulous touch up: $75*

FAMOUS 2D/3D VOLUME SET (volumized fabulous set using volume technique, 150-220+ lashes per eye): $200

3-4 week 2D / 3D touch up: $80

HYBRID SET (combination of volume and individual lashes): $185

3-4 week 2D / 3D touch up: $80

GENUINE MINK (soft, authentic mink, 75 lashes per eye): $185

3-4 week genuine mink touch up: $80

REMOVAL by Be Fabulous: $25**  / from elsewhere: $40**

** Removal cost refunded, if followed by our signature Fabulous or Famous set within 1 week.

All prices subject to applicable taxes, cash or debit accepted.

Any Questions? We have the answers! Just contact us for more details.